+ TO WHOM SHALL WE GO … Doctrine and Spirituality in an Age of Dialog

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   This was written around 2000. It is consistent with my thinking at the present time, even though its original intent was to find a “place” for the antiquated formulations that make up the Catholic Christian doctrinal complex. Some may be interested in actively pursuing that goal, which remains a viable option.  At the present time I am not.

One comment on “+ TO WHOM SHALL WE GO … Doctrine and Spirituality in an Age of Dialog

  1. pete hinde says:


    I finally finished reading your first and longer article [To Whom Shall We Go?] and think I am beginning to understand what you are saying. Don’t ask me to give it back to you at this point. The last section “Jesus, the Son of God, the Son of Man” from page 51 on brings it together. I wonder if that section ought to be first, so that the previous challenges to scholastic philosophy and the whole Christian doctrine would not seem so absolutely devastating. You become quite poetic and rhapsodic yourself.

    Of course it all hinges on treating Christian doctrine as metaphor, and escaping from what you see as the pretention of “substance” and the Greek “matter and form” way of explaining reality…or really Who and What God is. I’ll be interested to hear some reactions to your thought. Thanks a million for sharing it with us.

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